2 week

16 April 2010
only left 2 week before finish this semester..

and i have many work to do..

many thing to sychronise..

and much money to use it..

talk about money..

only for this semester..i have use more than 5k..

from january until now..n i thanks to my dad n mom..

who give a moral n money support..

without them..who am i..???

maybe only normal person who become mad...

back to topic..

left 2 week..but work doesnt complete yet..

like every sem..my work is not very power..

nothing special with my work..

maybe im not born for this graphic department..

maybe at other programme..

i dont know what is my speciallity..

but as far i discover..i think computer science is suitable for me..

and i try to developing my talent on that..



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